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Home Run? Rangers Ballpark's $26 Hot Dog

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Would you eat a $26 hot dog?

If your answer is an emphatic "No," would it make any difference if the hot dog weighed in at one pound and measured almost two feet? What if Yu Darvish was on the mound? What if the Rangers are beating the White Sox?

If you thought a foot-long dog was the best you could get at Rangers Ballpark, well, it looks like you were wrong by half. According to a Fox Sports Southwest item by Anthony Andro, the the ballpark will debut the Champion Dog on April 6 at the Captain Morgan sports bar and a concession stand in the park.

Quite proud of the new long dog, food and beverage director Philip Wheatley told Andro, "We wanted something that somebody would walk up to and go, 'Wow,'" while executive chef Cristobal Vazquez said, "It's quite a bit of food. It's huge. You have to see it." (We may have to email Andro to ask just how he kept a straight face for both of those comments.)

In the bar, Champ (it's big enough to deserve a nickname isn't it?) will be hauled out to patrons on a cutting board. As with last year's three-pound pretzel (which, we have to say the jury's still out on how tasty it could be versus how intimidating it was), Champ is clearly meant for more than one mouth (it can feed three to four, actually), but we feel confident that with enough baseball beer and machismo flowing, someone's going to take it on all by his or her lonesome. We can only hope that happens before triple digits hit since the expensive dogger isn't just beef and bun -- it's loaded with cheese, onions and chili.

Oh, and, naturally, it comes with fries.

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Home of the Champion Dog. [Photo: ensign_beedrill/Flickr]

Rangers Ballpark

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