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Pearl Cup Sucks The Caffeine Right Into You

The time-tested art of vacuum brewing (or siphon brewing, to some) not only looks way cool, but it produces a tasty pot of coffee.

This morning, Pearl Cup Espresso Bar teased fans of the old-school process by posting a photo (at right) on Facebook with the caption "Had one yet?"

Jared, a barista with vac pot skills, said by phone that it's something Pearl Cup can offer when all the factors line up: someone requests it, a barista is on shift who can perform the brewing, and time permits. The process takes several minutes and there's a bit of set-up involved, so it's not something a compassionate customer orders during coffee rush hour.

Jared offered that his colleague Mike is on duty tonight and is skilled at the vacuum perk, so it could mean your chance to check out the chem-lab looking vac pot in action and taste its product. If you can't make it down, there's always a YouTube video to explain things.

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Vacuum brewing in all its glory. [Photo: The Pearl Cup/Facebook]

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