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It's Just Too Damned Hard To Savor Dallas In Dallas

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Savor Wine & Food's Jim White warned us last October, via Pegasus News, that the Savor Dallas food festival was going to be a little less Dallas and a little more Irving, even with a few select events staying in the city proper. Today, White elaborates on the reasons behind Savor's suburban sprawl to Teresa Gubbins. The gist: it's just kind of a logistical hassle to try and savor Dallas in Dallas, especially with that shiny new Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas just a hop, skip and a jump up Highway 114.

"The reality is that it's difficult to pick a weekend for an event this size that requires this much room, when you have to be aware of Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Passover, all the social events, the Mavericks and the Stars, and the other wine and food events, too -- there's a million things you have to look at," White says.
Luckily, Irving "was eager to prove its foodie cred," so it didn't matter that "there were no available dates in downtown Dallas hotels that were compatible with our needs."

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