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Tim Love To Help Turn The Oui Lounge Around

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The Oui Lounge, one of Fort Worth's oldest and most beloved dive bars, is getting some re-opening help from Cowntown celebrity chef Tim Love, who semi-announced his involvement in the college joint yesterday via Twitter. "Oui lounge plans to reopen late next week!" wrote Love, and Robert Philpot at promptly followed up. This is what he got:

"A lot of people came together and wanted to get this thing back to the way it used to be, get it back to its glory," says Love of the Bluebonnet Circle hangout. "They hired my company to run it, so I'm also a partner as well."
The re-opening will feature one very significant change: no smoking. The revamped Oui will feature a "70's vibe" with occasional live music and food trucks outside.

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[Photo: Fat Tony/Flickr]

Oui Lounge

3509 Blue Bonnet Circle Fort Worth, TX 76109