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Garden Cafe Gets Egg Up; Are Communal Tables Cool?

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EAST DALLAS -- Garden Cafe wants to transition to 100 percent organic, local eggs and would like some eggy feedback. The restaurant is asking Facebook fans, "If we raised the prices on all egg dishes an extra $1 would you be upset?" [Eaterwire]

TABLEWIRE -- After discussing how communal tables don't really work in Dallas with chef David McMillan, Scott Reitz finds that he just doesn't agree and "communal tables are awesome." [City of Ate]

OAK LAWN -- Maple and Motor put the call out for an "experienced baker, who understands the physics and chemistry of baking." Interested dough men and women can find out more on the Facebook. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Garden Cafe/Facebook]

Garden Cafe

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