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Velvet Taco's Dublin Farewell; Mambo Seafood To Open

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KNOX-HENDERSON -- Velvet Taco still has 300 bottles of Dublin Dr Pepper left and chef John Franke told Mike Hiller he's using it to make a sweet sauce for a special taco this week. No word on if it's only available at 10, 2 and 4. [EscapeHatchDallas]

DESSERTWIRE -- A man and his wife are bored with Dallas' boring desserts. Gah. LesBren agrees, but remembers those Wilcox "pears." [Eats Blog]

NORTHWEST -- Houston's Mambo Seafood is opening up in the old Nori Sushi on Northwest Highway near I-35, and hiring for all positions. Ready for a Mambo Chelada? [CraveDFW]

[Photo: Velvet Taco/Facebook]

Velvet Taco

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