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Fort Worth Is Going Trucking Crazy

TCU 360 is just a wealth of hip, food truck-related news today.

First, you got your Cowtown Chow Down food park coming in April to 1100 N. Main St. in Fort Worth. Yes, another food truck gathering space -- this time for up to 20 trucks, according to owner Charlie Flores (who also started the beloved Snoball Corral snow cone stand a decade ago). As of yet, 14 spots are already claimed by the likes of The Butcher's Son, The Bacon Wagon, Crazy Sisters and others.

But here's the (literally) cool part: Seeing as how this is Texas and we get summer temps that rival the surface of the sun, Cowtown Chow Down will offer outdoor as well as climate-controlled seating. CCD will serve up another rare commodity with on-site parking.

Another click on the 360 and we discovered news worthy of the big screen. It seems Coyote Theaters are installing a drive-in movie theater near the Chow Down at LaGrave Field and east of North Main Street.

CEO of Coyote Theaters Brady Wood told Chris Varano of TCU Daily Skiff that while audio technicalities are still being worked out, plans include an environmentally friendly landscape servicing both drivers and cyclists, with a wine and beer bar and possibly -- you guessed it -- food trucks!

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[Photo: Crazy Sisters Food Truck/Facebook]