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Remember When An El Fenix Dinner Was $2.50?

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If you've lived in Dallas for any fair amount of time, you've come across an El Fenix enthusiast. A person who swears by the crispy beef taco or the cheese enchilada. One who calls it the most perfect Tex-Mex they've ever had.

Sure, you may think they're wrong. Or, you may secretly agree with them -- perhaps when it comes to the tortilla soup or the salsa. Wherever you come down on the issue, you can't deny the passion of the El Fenix fan. So if you know one, do them (and yourself) a favor and guide them to this Ebay auction.

Via a worn menu, they can relive the days when the famous Mexican Dinner was but $1.20 (which, honestly, isn't too far off from half-priced enchilada night, but whatever -- just go with it), wonder about that seafood platter on the second page, and revel in the chili-stained memories of one of Dallas' most famous restaurants.

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El Fenix menu, circa 1960s. [Photo: oldnewbandb/Ebay]

El Fenix

1601 McKinney Avenue, , TX 75202 (214) 747-1121 Visit Website

El Fenix

1601 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX