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Food Trucks Are Elementary; Bite The Weenie In NRH

LOWER GREENVILLE -- Even the kiddos love food trucks. Stonewall Elementary is hosting Food Truck Field Day March 31 with 10 trucks, a DJ and musician Light Horse Harry (best name ever), in order to raise funds for the school's learning gardens. [Advocate]

WHITE ROCK -- This Saturday marks the start of the fourth season of the White Rock Local Market. The market features a new "growers only" policy, but welcomes backyard farmers at the Gardeners' Table. [Eaterwire]

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS -- Nancy Nichols wrote about the impending opening of hot dog restaurant Bite the Weenie and did not make one single dick or denture joke. Click to read our list -- kidding. It's safe in our Trapper Keeper. [SideDish]