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Burger Blow-Up

hubcap_sign.jpgThere's something to be said for handling a poor review gracefully. Unfortunately, Ricky Craig of Houston's Hubcap Grill did anything but when Dallas-based Ewan MacDonald of A Hamburger Today gave Hubcap burgers a less-than-stellar review. What he did do was unleash a series of angry tweets from @Hubcap_Grill against MacDonald, the city of Dallas (using hashtag #DuckFallas), and anyone who may feel like he's over-reacting ("If anyone wanna talk smack to me I'll be at 19th all day [today]. 7am-10pm BRING IT ASSHOLES"). Hubcap will apparently be hosting a #DuckFallas party on March 25 for those of you who agree that "Dallas is the "jersey shore" of Texas." [-EHOU-]