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Please Don't Forget To Tip Your Eater

It appears to have stopped raining—at least for the time being—so while the ground is turning all that good stuff into green, we thought we'd pay a little attention to what makes Eater Dallas grow: you tipsters out there. You give us life with your tweets, photos, intel, rumormongering, rants, raves and general gossip. For that we salute you. We thank you. We love you.

Now, just in case you're a newbie, it's all good. You can still get into the action. Here's how: Spot a new restaurant sprouting up in your neighborhood? Pluck some good info on a new chef in town off an old chef in town? Feel like telling someone, anyone about your latest experience at Hot New Restaurant? Want to vent about irritating cell-phone talkers in a fine dining setting? All of this, and whatever else you can muster, is welcome to the tipline. Just drop a line to Photos—plywood signage, shutter signage, DOH missives and the like—are especially encouraged. If you prefer anonymity, it is yours. If you want gratitude, well, you've got it. And then some.

While we're at it, we love stalkers of the social media variety, so feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, contribute to our Flickr pool and sign up for our email newsletter. It's a veritable buffet of Eater Dallas delights ready for the clicking.
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