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Byres' Soap Before Smoke; What Makes Southwestern?

OAK CLIFFFood Republic talks high-end restaurants, smoke, Smoke and organic soaps with Oak Cliff darling Tim Byres. [Food Republic]

SUVWIRE — Sending wishes for a speedy recovery (with lots of delicious treats) to the DMN's food writer Kim Pierce, who tweets she was "in a tussle w/an SUV and it won- But I'm still standing." [@KimP_FoodWine]

PYLESWIRERobb Walsh visits Stephan Pyles' Sustenio outside of San Antonio where he gets fish with banana sauce and a shooter with exploding melon capsule. After the deliciousness he ponders, "What makes this dish ‘Southwestern'?" []

Smoke. [Photo: Elliott Munoz for Smoke/Facebook]


901 Fort Worth Avenue, , TX 75208 (214) 393-4141 Visit Website

Stephan Pyles

1807 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201 214 580 7000 Visit Website

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