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DIFF Chefs Pick Fave Films; Is Ratatouille A Surprise?

The chefs providing dinners at this week's Dallas International Film Festival (running through April 22) are big movie lovers with some particular all-time faves. Here's what's on the screen when they watch movies at home. (Shock! Only one has food in the title, unless you count the giant shark and dragon meat.)

Tiffany Derry of Private Social (site of DIFF's pre-Fest media roundtables):
The Last Dragon. I know that's old school, but I really love that movie!

Graham Dodds of Central 214 (providing dinner for DFS Honors on April 20):
Ratatouille. I love watching it with my daughter.

Douglas Brown of The Pads (site of DIFF's opening night gala): I have a lot of favorites, and I like to watch the same movies over and over. It's kind of like comfort food: nothing fancy, just feels right. If there is one movie I never pass up the chance to watch, it's Jaws. Yep, Jaws.

Graham Dodds. [Photo:]