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From Spork To Chork: Utensil Evolution

You've used the spork, part spoon, part fork. Now meet the Chork. Part fork, part chopsticks, it's the training wheel utensil for those afraid of the sticks and tied to the tines. The makers, Salt Lake City-based Brown Innovation Group, says it's "for those who want to venture out of their comfort zone and try something new."

"Something new" being a disposable food-grade Polystyrene thingy you hold together for forking or break apart for chopstickery. There's also an in-between step in which you aim the fork end at yourself (careful there, cowboy) and pinch the chopsticks together for practice grabbing slippery bits of shrimp-with-cashews. The makers even provide a snappy YouTube video here to show how it works.

They're already in use in some Asian restaurants in the UK. Now it's time for us to get chorking. (Be nice if they were biodegradable, but baby steps in the chorkbiz.)

Sold in black or red, they would also seem to lend themselves to use as a cute hair ornament. Chorks away!

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Hold to hold a Chork. [Photo: The Chork]