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Badass Sommelier, Wine And Art, Pork Sundaes

DESIGN DISTRICTTwo master sommeliers review the Victory Brewing Company dinner at Meddlesome Moth. Nancy Nichols introduces new-to-Dallas Master Sommelier Melissa Monosoff of Pioneer Beverage Company, and James Tidwell, the MS at the Four Seasons Resort and Spa and co-founder of TexSom, as a new reviewing duo. Here's what James says of Melissa: "She has a palate that is scary sensitive and accurate; much better than mine. In short, she's a badass." [SideDish]

UPTOWN — Stock up on summer wines and support The McKinney Avenue Contemporary art space at Two Corks and a Bottle, 2650 Laclede St., and the fundraising event for The MAC, 6 p.m. to whenever, Friday April 27. Two Corks and a Bottle is located at 2650 Laclede Street in the Uptown nabe. A percentage of sales will go to The MAC for artistic and educational programming. [The MAC]

USA — HBO premieres its Weight of the Nation documentary series May 14-15. Subtitled Surprising Lessons about Diets, Food, and Fat (with a book of the same name available from St. Martin's Press on April 24), the show explores what it takes to succeed at reaching a healthy weight, no matter how many times you've tried and failed. Guess what? Our plates and portions are lots bigger than a half century ago. Ergo, blubber. Put down the Cherry Garcia when you watch this thing. [HBO]

OAK LAWN — And if you need a literal pigout, there's a suckling pig tasting this weekend at The Mansion Restaurant at The Mansion on Turtle Creek. For $75 per person: head cheese with chives, consomme with pulled pork leg, braised shoulder with green tomato chutney, slow-roasted pork rack and loin and for dessert, whiskey molasses parfait with bacon nougatine. That's right, pork-flavored sundae. Sooooo-weet. Call 214-443-4747 for reservations [The Mansion Restaurant]