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Bicycle Cafe, Drew's Place, Sissy's Southern Kitchen

Dallas Observer's Cheap Bastard, Alice Laussade, wheels into the Bicycle Cafe at White Rock Lake. The menu is aimed at athletes (think quinoa, hummus, acai berries, tofu tacos and oatmeal) but they'll gladly serve fat bastards as well as cheap ones. From the review: "... even if you don't ride a bike, this can still be a great place to get a pre- or post-workout meal. The menu here is super healthy ... They do serve bacon, so you don't have to be completely freaked out right now."

Kimberley Rockdale of PegasusNews enjoys the friendly atmosphere of Drew's Place in Fort Worth. She writes: "We were both pleasantly surprised and appreciative that the mashed potatoes were cooked just the way we like them, fried, just like Grandma used to make them. The candied yams were delightful and the fried okra, a vegetable side that we find difficult to master, and easy to ruin, was wonderful."

High-ticket down-home cooking at Lisa Garza's new Sissy's Southern Kitchen and Bar gets tasted and reviewed by Dallas Observer's Scott Reitz. He extolls chicken that "sports a crisp mahogany crust and moisture hopped up by a low-salinity, 24-hour brine. It's even better after a night in the fridge, as if you needed another reason to order the bucket." Reitz also praises the deviled eggs that "stand at attention instead of on their sides like your mom served them." Eggs, he salutes you.

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Riders on the wall at Bicycle Cafe. [Photo: Facebook]