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Eat For The Kids; Cell Phone Bans In Restaurants?

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EAST DALLAS — Several restaurants are hip to the fact that school rules. This week, La Popular and Mockingbird's Burger House, Fuzzy's, TCBY and Subway are raising funds (donating a percentage of sales on certain days) for Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation. It won't be especially difficult to ID these places as they generally lean on Woodrow softball rosters for decor. [Advocate]

PHONEWIRE — Lauren Drewes Daniels asked local chefs if they'd consider implementing a cell phone ban. The chefs, including Brian Luscher, David Uygur and Mark Wootton, were certainly diplomatic, but the commenters ... well, that's an entirely different conversation. [City of Ate]

IRVING — The North Texas Beer Festival, coming up on May 12, is taking a cue from Savor Dallas and moving to the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas. Technically, that's still North Texas. [Pegasus News]

Burger House. [Photo: Colin B./Yelp]