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Mr Mesero Goes Al Fresco; $5 Drinks At Abacus

UPTOWNMr. Mesero has officially opened up porch, sidewalk and cocktail terrace seating, more than doubling its total tables. [Eaterwire]

GREENVILLE AVE.The Black-Eyed Pea on Greenville Avenue as closed, but those needing an entire basket of rolls with each meal needn't worry: A new location is scheduled to open in Preston Center (replacing Gordo's) May 17. [Pegasus News]

KNOX-HENDERSON — Shocked that anything might cost but a fiver at Abacus? Well, it's true: Tonight from 5 to 8 p.m., The Bar at Abacus is featuring $5 Absolut cocktails. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Mr Mesero/Facebook]


4511 McKinney Avenue, , TX 75205 (214) 559-3111 Visit Website

Mr Mesero

4444 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205 214 780-1960 Visit Website