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Where Should The Next Private Social Take Root?

Chef Tiffany Derry took to the Facebook today, via the Private Social page, to stir up some excitement.

The status read:

?"A lot of exciting things are going on here at Private|Social!! We are looking to expand the team in the kitchen for Dallas and possible future locations. Please submit your resume to" - Chef Tiffany Derry

Hiring? Expansion? What?

Now, Nicki Patel, Private Social's PR maven at Strauss Marketing and Public Relations, responded to inquiries that she "[does not] have any final details at the moment on new locations, etc." Which is probably to say, she really can't be telling media folk, public folk and any kind of folk Derry's business just yet because it's all in the works and whatnot.

So, let's have some fun with this and make some suggestions. Where do you want to see Tiffany Derry's new location land? Put it in the comments, people.

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[Photo: Andrea Grimes/EDFW]

Private Social

3232 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204 214 754 4744