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Cancer Charity Donation Jar Stolen From Asian Buffet

Man makes off with a jar of donations.
Man makes off with a jar of donations.
Photo: Tammy Mutasa/Asian Buffet

Mesquite police are on the search for a man who decided to take more than his fair and socially acceptable share from Asian Buffet on North Town East Boulevard.

As evidenced by surveillance footage and reported by NBC DFW's Tammy Mutasa, the theft occurred near 10:15 a.m. yesterday morning. The man entered and exited the business several times, even purchasing a soda during one visit, before nabbing a jar containing approximately $250 in cash donations meant for a cancer charity. In other words, he had a good while to mull it over, wasn't entirely broke (there's the soda), and decided to steal it anyway.

Area residents are outraged. "To do something like that I don't think is human, to be honest," Alex Corado told Mutasa, who also reported that Asian Buffet employees say they've seen the man in the area prior to this event. Mesquite police estimate him to be in his 20s or 30s.

No one has stated it for the record, but certain community members believe the asshat who just stole money from sick people may also have another distinguishing characteristic: a very cold, very hard, onyx-like heart ... if he has one at all.

Those with information about the theft, the thief or his whereabouts, are asked to call Mesquite police at 972-216-6600.

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