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Rock And Roll Tornadoes; Nichols Hates Walnettos?

FORNEY -- Well wishes go out to Rock and Roll Tacos' Mary Ann Quinonez who experienced yesterday's tornados firsthand. She and her daughter were safely inside her daughter's school when her SUV was tossed by the twister into a neighboring field. The food truck will be taking the week off. [Eaterwire]

JUDGMENTWIRE -- Obviously, Nancy Nichols should totally call a mom on a local hunt for Walnettos "rough and tough but clueless" and then describe her plea as one from a "worst-mother-of-the-year." Obviously. [SideDish]

FORT WORTH -- Come July, the space once called the Moon Bar will be filled by a different sort of pie: Toppers Pizza. [Pegasus News]

[Photo: Rock and Roll Tacos/Facebook]