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DFW Is Getting Its Very Own 'MoGa' Food Truck

If anyone was just sitting there clinched-fisted, hoping against hope that there would exist a a food truck specializing in not just Tex-Mex and Asian fare, but also molecular gastronomy...

There wasn't, was there? Well, now DFW can have the thing it didn't even know it wanted.

Chef Jesse Ayala, of J. Fresco catering, says that this very thing, dubbed The Fat Truck by J. Fresco, is scheduled to make its debut during the Cowtown Chow Down food truck park's opening week. This week, the truck will be in the process of getting inspected, primed and polished to a high shine for its big day.

The Fat Truck will be helmed by Ayala and feature two separate menus. One offers tacos, quesadillas, bahn mi, steamed buns and more, while the other satisfies more adventurous types and those who cheer when Top Chef competitors bust out the nitrogen tanks.

While the molecular, or MoGa, menu will change every two weeks, according to Ayala, the current online menu teases Dragon Breath, serrano ham and parmesan cheese popcorn doused in liquid nitrogen, and chocolate-filled faux ravioli in a vanilla bean and peppercorn caramel soup. Ayala also said one menu will feature "edible balloon by Alinea and olive oil specification by El Bulli."

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