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Here Is Giada De Laurentiis Smiling, Signing Cookbooks

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[Photos: Stephen Masker/EDFW]

Apparently the hundreds of canceled flights in and out of Dallas airports due to Tuesday's tornadoes could not keep Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis from making her way to fans. Either that or she just bottled her energy and flew here (and boy, were her arms tired).

Yesterday, De Laurentiis attended two area signings for her cookbook Weeknights With Giada, and photojournalist Stephen Masker was there to capture the scene at the NorthPark Williams-Sonoma event. As anticipated, there was a lot of perma-smiling on both sides of the table.

The signing was limited to the first 400, and Masker confirmed that numbers were definitely in the hundreds when he arrived. He couldn't, however, confirm just how many of the book's half-hour recipes one could have made were they elsewhere, not waiting in line.

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