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Pizza Giveaway: Identify The Mystery Pie (Updated: We Have A Winner!)

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2012_5_pizzaboxes.jpgThis very special Pizza Week, we're giving away free pizzas from local pizzerias and restaurants. That's right, free pizzas. But to win them you're going to have to know your Dallas pie.

Here's how it works: In some cases, you'll need to ID the pizza and the place based on either a photo or a description (yeah, that's right -- we're going to make it hard). Or you might get a basic pie shot and be given clues about the location (mixing it up, yo).

So gaze upon this beauty and then e-mail your answer with "Identify the Pie" in the subject line. If you're the first person to correctly identify the restaurant that created this pizza, you get a free pie of your choice said restaurant.

MysteryPizzaThursday.jpgWouldn't you like to know?

Do you know the name of this devastating beauty's home? Well, email us yours (your full name, mind you) and your answer.

UPDATED: Congratulations to Zach Wilkins for being the first to identify this pizza as coming from Eno's Pizza Tavern.

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