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Bad Pizza Power Hour: Nancy Nichols of D Magazine

Nancy Nichols, the food critic for D Magazine who also posts her stuff on SideDish, says she's had "very few worst pizza moments," but this one from a now-shuttered pizzeria is decidedly ick: "I had a pizza delivered from Al's Pizzeria [now closed] which, at that time, was maybe 5 minutes from my house. The dough was really soft and there was over an inch of melted gooey white cheese on top. Red grease was running from the circles of pepperoni. One slice was too heavy to pick up without the triangle collapsing on the plate. At one point I picked up a piece and twisted it like I was wringing out a sock. My plate filled with curdled cheese and pastrami grease. The mess looked like the cellulite they sucked out of my thighs in 1986." [-EDFW-]