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Care For Some Secret Steak With Brett Gallaway? (Updated!)

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UPDATE: Tre Wilcox is no longer involved with this event. The steak dinner will go on as described in the original post below, but with 2011 World Championship Steak Cook-off winner Brett Gallaway (pictured) manning the grill.

Fresh off the heels of the James Beard Foundation Awards gala, at which he was the only Texas chef cooking for the ritz and glitz, chef Tre Wilcox is cooking for another group.

Only this time, it's more mysterious. Today, Kina Bale from Cast-O-Matic sent word that Wilcox would be hosting a two-seating grilling event this Saturday. There, he'll serve new preparations of steaks (and sides, naturally). And he's looking for feedback on his new offerings.

Larger groups are encouraged to submit for a spot (there's a limited bar, so it's primarily a 21-and-up situation). To be considered for the event, hopeful attendees must submit the full names of those in their party, a photo, contact phone and email, as well as a preference for the noon or 4 p.m. seating (dinner will last approximately two hours). If chosen, participants will then be contacted with event details, including location.

Hey, it's still a free steak dinner.