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Lincoln Plays Name Game; DFM Gets Creole Crumbed

UPTOWN — First it was Dee Lincoln's Tasting Room & Bubble Bar. Then it became Dee Lincoln's Restaurant & Bubble Bar. Now it's Dee Lincoln's Dining Room and Bubble Bar. You know, so the concept is clearer to the consumer. [Eats Blog]

DOWNTOWNCreole Crumbs owner Adrienne Ricard tells Teresa Gubbins she's just waiting on the go-ahead from the city to open her storefront at Dallas Farmers Market. Then, customers will be able to purchase her ooey-gooey cookies, pies, and even beignets, straight away instead of only online. [Pegasus News]

NORTHPARK — Aurora closed almost two years ago, but it will rise from the grave inside Bailey's Prime Plus (Park Lane location). While Avner Samuel and Jon Stevens are consulting at the restaurant, they'll recreate the Aurora's formal dining venture in the Bailey's private dining space. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Dee Lincoln's Dining Room and Bubble Bar/Facebook]

Bailey's Prime Plus

The Shops @ Park Lane 8169 Park Ln. #130, Dallas, TX 75231 (214) 750-8100