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Don't Worry, The New Taco Joint Location Has Chairs

Taco Joint's sneak peek.
Taco Joint's sneak peek.
Photo: Taco Joint/Facebook

Taco Joint is really rallying excitement for its impending opening. The restaurant's Facebook account has been alive with new photo posts teasing the progress of the new Mockingbird and Abrams location (in the former Sol's, near ZuZu and across from Fuzzy's Tacos).

Though likely born out of necessity what with TJ's new in-your-face competitors, the new location's expanded hours (past 2 p.m. and on Sundays) is cause for celebration for those, like Pete Freedman over on Central Track, who nurse the occasional hangover.

No matter hours or menu, however, fans can rest assured there are plenty of places to sityoass.

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