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Earth's Stuffed Crust; Uptown's New Speakeasy

STUFFED CRUSTWIRE — City of Ate's Nick Rallo mourned the loss of the "300,000-plus wheels of gorgeous and delicious Parmesan and Grana Padano cheese" lost after the 6.0 earthquake in Italy. On a brighter(?) note, he offers that now "Planet Earth now comes with a stuffed crust." With hot molten dipping sauce, no less. [City of Ate]

UPTOWNW. Brandt Wood thinks it's "OK to speak about a speakeasy," which is good since Sarah Blaskovich visited Hi/Lo, located beneath the Mason Bar, and wrote about it. [Pegasus News]

SALADWIRE — As it is getting hotter, it's a good time to eat colder and lighter. Leslie Brenner offered up 10 salads for doing that. [Eats Blog]

Above Hi/Lo. [Photo: Merritt Martin/EDFW]

The Mason Bar

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