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Hypnotic Donuts Is Looking For A Truck

Well, well, well. Looks like breakfast (and a serious sugar rush) is getting much more mobile if Hypnotic Donuts has anything to do with it.

From Hypnotic's Facebook page:

Meeting went great. City officials were very open minded and just want to ensure our version of a "food truck" was safe for the consumer. Received our list of to-do's and they are all reasonable. Now just to find "the truck"- ha.

But as much as doughnuts on-the-go sounds incredible, the idea of a melty Dallas summer prompts the wonder if waiting until fall might be a better idea ... what with all that icing. Now if HD is talking mobile chicken biscuits, then that's certainly a food that proves successful at any temperature.

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[Photo: Merritt Martin/EDFW]

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