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Thairrific In Quite The Pickle; Brenner Gets Unreasonable

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CEDAR SPRINGS — Shit's going down at Thairrific. Former regular Daniel Sikora, and company Crucial Pickles LLC, bought the joint in 2010 and the restaurant moved to Cedar Springs. Carol Shih reports he then ousted Chef Kyla Phomsavanh on May 2. The staff sided with the chef. [SideDish]

BRENNERWIRELeslie Brenner has some unreasonable restaurant peeves and she's not afraid to admit having to eat off an oval plate is one of them. Ten honesty points earned. [Eats Blog]

PHOTOWIRE — See inside the world food and home fashion photographer Manny Rodriguez's via Rachel Stone's Q&A with him. [Advocate]

Thairiffic. [Photo: Scott L./Yelp]