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Daybreak Was A Memorial Day Grilltopia

Photo: WFAA

WFAA's Daybreak just can't get enough of Lockhart Smokehouse. For the Memorial Day holiday, the show featured a grilling segment, a "grillstravaganza," filmed in Victory Plaza with Richard Kent and Stacey Fawcett and three local experts.

Jon Alexis from TJ's Seafood Market offered some hints on preparing grilled fish, shrimp and soft shell crabs (while some dude in a robe danced in the background). Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor displayed three roads to glory -- all paved with grilled bologna. Lockhart's pitmaster Will Fleischman noted that while they don't really grill at the OC smokehouse, he could definitely show viewers how to slice a mean brisket.

Missing it yesterday doesn't mean it shouldn't be watched today.

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Lockhart Smokehouse

400 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208

TJ's Seafood Market

4212 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75205 214-219-3474