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The Chesterfield Diaries: A Quick Breakdown Of Recent Daytime, Nighttime Drama

Amidst the bustle of downtown, in the plush setting of The Chesterfield ... shit's been going down. A fabulously dressed drink slinger was approached by uniformed officers. It was oh-so-heated. Partners were at odds and it was all very scandalous. But oddly for such a venue, not at all sexy.

So, rather than rehashing the he said-he said of the whole ordeal, here's a quick timeline of the highlights, complete with links:

April 26, happy hour-ish: Ed Bailey unsuccessfully attempts to have partner Eddie "Lucky" Campbell removed with a police escort. Apparently, the pair have been disagreeing on how to run the biz.

May 2, 3-ish: Bailey tries the police thing again. There's a photo to prove it.

May 2, happy hour: Campbell hosts an extended happy hour and gives a bar-top speech. Some were in the spirit of the moment, others were concerned about the sanitary implications of shoes on the bar.

May 3, afternoon: The Eds send a joint emailed statement assuring everyone to return regularly scheduled drinking because they have resolved their now very public issues. Campbell's back behind the bar. Surely the cause for reconciliation was Bailey, Campbell or someone's lawyer realizing how idiotic this whole ordeal was starting to look.

May 3, happy hour: As Leslie Brenner suggests, everyone has a celery cup, or some such other drink.

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[Photo: The Chesterfield/Facebook]

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