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Central Track's Best Burger; Warren Schwartz To The Fort

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INWOOD — Eloquence abounds over on Central Track, in a post that proclaims Maple & Motor has the best burger in Dallas. "And their fries are pretty great, too...Oh, and their dessert a whoopie cream pie really finishes a meal off right." [Central Track]

WEST SEVENTH — Consilient Restaurant's American F+B has named Warren Schwartz, formerly of Westside Tavern in Los Angeles, the chef of the new Fort Worth bar and grill. [Pegasus News]

DEEP ELLUM — After a month's hiatus, chef Nicole Van Camp is bringing back her Supper Club for a 7-course dinner June 8 at My Private Chef. $70 per person, RSVP required. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Mike G./Yelp]