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Nando's Coming To Preston Royal; Sausage Sundae

PRESTON ROYAL — Preston Royal is getting a new Veracruz-style restaurant called Nando's in the old Cava/Le Rendezvous space. The chef will be Blanco Husca, mother of owner Fernando Santo and former chef of Galveston's Original Mexican Cafe. [SideDish]

ARLINGTON — Wanna see what a sausage sundae at Rangers Ballpark looks like? It's got a pepper on top. [Glut Life]

EXPLAINERWIRELeslie Brenner was all up in chicharrones' business, in her Bolsa review, talking about their chew and Espelette hit. For those left wondering WTF an Espelette was, she shed a little light. [Eats Blog]

The Bolsa patio. [Photo: Bolsa/Facebook]