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Hattie's Is For Mothers; Bolsa Impresses Brenner

DALLAS OBSERVER — Scott Reitz sorta, kinda thinks an Oak Cliff institution is boring, and diners who keep going there for the same favorite dishes (like the mac-and-cheese-crusted filet) are kinda, sorta boring. But good for Hattie's for staying around for 10 years! Keep it up! Moms go great with it!

DALLAS VOICE — "Fancy enough to impress without veering into a boisterous good-ol’-boy hang or a funereal, violin-soaked mausoleum." That's where Arnold Wayne Jones places Perry's Steakhouse on the "snob-scale," while giving props to the restaurant for venturing into Asian flavor profiles rather than heavy creams of many steakhouses. Creme brûlée proved the only cliche.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS — Now that Jeff Harris has gotten Bolsa's menu squared away (one that changes as often as three times a week, that is), Leslie Brenner hearts it four-star hard. Especially that smoked steelhead trout and the chicharrones.

[Photo: Hattie's/Facebook]


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