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Pig Roast At Spiceman's; Wilcox Cooking For JBF Gala

EAST DALLAS — Leslie Brenner reports that Tom Spicer is joining forces with Urbano Cafe to host a backyard pig roast and BYOB blues bash featuring the songs and stories of NOLA musician Spencer Bohren. It'll be May 24 at FM 1410 and only $55 per person, so call Urbano for reservations. [Eats Blog]

PLANORed's Patio Grill is no more. As T-Gubbs notes, the restaurant hadn't exactly been living it up. Unfortunately, those with parties already scheduled won't be either. [Pegasus News]

TREWIRE — Marquee Grill's Tre Wilcox is the only Texas chef — of 25 from across the country — cooking at the James Beard Foundation Gala tonight. Dallas, represent. [JBF]

Tre Wilcox. [Photo: Marquee Grill]

Urbano Cafe

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