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Delivery Diaries: Garth Rogers of Scalini's Pizza & Pasta

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Welcome to Delivery Diaries, wherein the city's brave pizza delivery drivers (past and present) share door-knocking stories ranging from funny to flat-out weird. Today's installment: Garth Rogers of Scalini's in Lakewood.

Garth Rogers has been a pizza delivery driver for five years, which is hard to tell based on his youthful appearance -- he doesn't look like he's weathered or jaded enough to have been doing anything for five years. But that baby face has seen things. Full frontal things.

While it only took his friend three years at Domino's before his first "naked delivery," Rogers had to wait a full five at Scalini's.

"I'm pretty sure it was a dare because she was hiding behind the curtains before I got [up to the door]," Rogers begins the story, while on a break.

He describes the customer as bent over in such a way to prevent him from getting the full "hey, what's up" and says she pretty much just laughed the entire time. Voices in the background were laughing as well. "I wonder what bet she lost," manager Jeri Lane interjects. "I don't know," Rogers answers. "I asked her how her night was going but she didn't really respond. She just kept laughing and signed the receipt diagonally across the whole thing, then slapped a ten down."

Rogers confirms the experience was a pleasant one, but can't recall exactly what the order involved -- it's possible his memory has been clouded by all the skin. "I know it was an extra-large pizza. It definitely was an awesome night."

"Wait," Lane interjects again, this time laughing. "We don't even sell extra-large."

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Garth Rogers. [Photo: EDFW]