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Delivery Diaries: Stacey Rives of Eno's Pizza Tavern

This is Delivery Diaries, wherein the city's brave pizza delivery drivers (past and present) share door-knocking stories ranging from funny to flat-out weird. Today's installment: Stacey Rives of Eno's in Oak Cliff.

Stacey Rives works alongside her fiancé Matt Spillers at several of the Spillers Group restaurants. But for a spell, she broke away from the physical venues and hit the road, taking pies to Oak Cliff doorsteps. Rives contributed her story via email:

"I actually delivered pizzas for Eno's every Tuesday for over a year. My only interesting story is that owner and true gentleman Allan Spillers (Matt's dad) was so concerned about me delivering the pizzas by myself past dark that he drove me around. I am pretty sure I am the only pizza delivery person who in the history of pizza delivery people has ever had a driver."

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[Photo: Eno's Pizza Tavern/Facebook]