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Help Save Mesa; Beer And Bacon-Injected Brisket?

OAK CLIFF — Nancy Nichols put out an urgent call for diners to help save Mesa in the OC now that sales have plummeted and the restaurant could close. Nichols says, "This is a gem of a restaurant. They serve some of the best food I’ve eaten in a long time." [SideDish]

BEERWIRE — Dallas Hophead, aka Jesse Hughey, has a breakdown of beer events for the next couple of weeks ... including this weekend's Smoke Out at the Holy Grail Pub. Um, who doesn't want to drink beer and try bacon-injected brisket? [City of Ate]

DATEWIRE — If a cinematic breakfast date at Movie Tavern doesn't kick off your dream Saturday, what would then, really? [Pegasus News]

Mesa. [Photo: Elliott Munoz/Mesa Official Facebook]


4260 Herschel Street, , FL 32210 Visit Website

The Holy Grail Pub

8240 Preston Road, Suite 150, Plano, TX 75024 972 377 6633