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The Ginger Man in Southlake; Failed Food Trucks

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SOUTHLAKEThe Ginger Man is expanding to Southlake, reports Teresa Gubbins. It will move into the spot once known as the Wine Loft near Town Square. [Pegasus News]

TRUCKWIRE — Food nerd Nick Rallo offers a list of failed food truck ideas that no one should read while eating due to a serious choking hazard. What? Ku Klux Klams, Just Curryous and Chicken and Luftwaffles didn't take off? You're kidding. [City of Ate]

UPTOWNThe Uptown Untapped Music and Beer Festival at the Common Table is a long way off (September 8) but Pete Freedman insinuates that tickets purchased now are cheaper than tickets purchased later. Hmmm... [Central Track]

[Photo: The Ginger Man Plano/Facebook]