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St. Pete's Wins Smackdown; Words With Lombardi

DEEP ELLUM — While the contest itself sounds vaguely disturbing -- Chili Dog Smackdown -- Scott Reitz has declared the St. Pete's offering, with its Rudolph's hot dog, the winner over Angry Dog's Slopfest McNeedsABib. [City of Ate]

LOMBARDIWIREAlberto Lombardi has 35 years experience, 11 restaurants and a new champagne bar. Now he has some words with Ron Ruggless (or is it the other way around?). [RestoNews]

MAPLE AVE. — How Taco Trail's eagle eyes missed Taquería Mezquite's awesome-terrible ram-donkey mural, it's hard to say. But it's been discovered, and it seems the food behind the ram-donkey's walls proved a tasty kick in the cactus. [Taco Trail]

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin. [Photo: EDFW]

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin

2730 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226 214 698 1511