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Tim Byres Talks Tamales; Trader Joe's Versus Everyone

OAK CLIFF — Ain't no tamale like a Byres tamale, 'cause a Byres' tamale got smoke. Or, rather, Tim Byres takes the fear out of making tamales that taste like his. [DMN]

TRADERWIRE — Teresa Gubbins provides a handy compare/contrast of pretty much every market (including Jimmy's) versus Trader Joe's, opening in Fort Worth Friday. It's also a handy guide for finding (or not finding) mochi ice cream. [Pegasus News]

WINEWIRE — Pretty sure Nancy Nichols was only joking, but can we please start referring to the fancy-pants resto region of Inwood Road as Rosé Way? For reals. [SideDish]

[Photo: Smoke/Facebook]


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