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When People Eat Like Animals ... On Purpose

Normally, we focus on restaurants and well, human food, but this bite was too good to pass up.

As the Dallas Zoo celebrated the opening of William M. Beecherl Animal Nutrition Center just yesterday, the Advocate reports that guests not only carried in the first load of "zootrition" onto the dock, but they also got to sample it. That's right: The humans got animal treats for good behavior.

Well, sort of. While the idea of experiencing how the scaled and hairy live is educational, this little experiment had to be approved for human consumption. Tally McCormack writes:

Instead of the ground raw meat and animal bones that carnivores eat, guests tasted mini sausage and cheddar biscuits. To represent the flamingos’ diet of fruits and grains, a yogurt parfait. And salmon mousse represented the fish diet of the otters.

In effect, the Dallas Zoo's new nutrition center proved to be a bit of a themed pop-up restaurant for the lucky celebrants. It would seem no one howled in protest.

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[Photo: Dallas Zoo/Official]