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A Little Portland in Plano; Festival Taco Guide

PLANO — Nation's Restaurant News reports Portland's Henry 12th Street Tavern will not only be expanding to Seattle in September, but also to little old Plano come October (parent company Restaurants Unlimited Inc. will also bring Palomino to Fort Worth in 2013). Plano's location will just be called Henry's Tavern. [RestoNews via ESEA]

OAK CLIFF/UPTOWN — Checking out Craft Cocktails Texas or Oak Cliff Film Festival? Taco Trail offers stops to keep your stomach padded for both events ... or for unrelated meals. [Taco Trail]

GRAPEVINE — Urban water pizza is heading to the land of the grapes. Mike Hiller reports Grimaldi's Pizzeria will open its new Grapevine location June 18. [EscapeHatchDallas]



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