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Rita's to Ice Down Plano in August

Here in the Big D southern citizens escape the summer swelter with a frigid treat from Braum's, Sonic and even the occasional Dairy Queen. But ask a Dallas native to define Rita's Ice; they'll stare all cockeyed and confused, as if the question is bonkers.

Don't worry, Dallas. The confusion is over. Well, sort of. A Rita's is coming to a Plano near Big D (nearer, anyway, than current locations in Allen, Farmers Branch and Fort Worth), according to the company's website. (And for a Philly native, where Rita's originated, this is big news.)

Originally founded in 1984 by firefighter Bob Tumolo, the company is named after his wife Rita and offers more than 60 flavors of Italian water ice, which is like a gourmet, rock hard slush but better ... way better. The dessert stop also sells cream ice (that's not a typo; it's cream then ice), gelato, frozen custard and sugar-free Italian ice. And for those living under a Texas ranch rock, this frozen, fruit treat dates as far back as the ancient days of Rome and Greece when soft snow was infused with wines and syrups as a form of celebration.

"We're projecting a grand opening for the Plano location in August," said Linda Duke, marketing expert for the company chain.

While the new Plano locale is accepting applications, Rita's did not have current news on a Dallas opening. How 'bout it, Rita's? Dallas is melting to know.
—Carli Baylor

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Coming soon. [Photo: Rita's of West Plano/Facebook]

Rita's Ice [Coming Soon]

7000 Independence Parkway, Plano, TX 75024