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The Foundry Named One of "America's Best Outdoor Bars;" MOOYAH Plans to Take Over the South

OAK CLIFF—Providing common-knowledge evidence to the assumption that beer tastes better outside and surrounded by converted semi-truck trailers, Travel + Leisure named The Foundry one of America's Best Outdoor Bars. No doubt the live music and Tim Byres' adjacent Chicken Scratch gave the Dallas original an edge. [Dallas Biz Journal]

LOWER GREENVILLE—New restaurant, Nora, opened today, offering Afghan dishes that no one can pronounce, but everyone wants to try. [Side Dish]

MOOYAHWIRE—Embarking on an expansion campaign to seemingly the South, Dallas-based MOOYAH Burgers announced plans to increase its fresh/fast burger joint empire by 20 additional locations this year. While the company has yet to announce location-specific details, the new franchises are expected in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Virginia. [City of Ate]

The patio at Chicken Scratch and the Foundry. [Photo: Sara Kerens/EDFW]

Chicken Scratch

2303 Pittman Street, Dallas, TX 75208 214-749-1112