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Twin Peaks' T&A to Save Economy?; Pizza Hut Served Hot-and-Spicy Lawsuit

ADDISON -- Locally-based Twin Peaks finds recession-proof concept in its "breastaurant" franchise. A real job creator, savvy owner cites women of "spectacular talent" for its 35% profit increase. Will Obama Administration provide a stimulus package toward the purchase of lumber-jack themed costumes? [Texas Monthly]

PLANO -- Pete Freedman reports that rockers, The Black Keys, have sued Plano-based monolith, Pizza Hut, for unlawful and unauthorized use of their 2011 song "Gold on the Ceiling" during a recent "cheesy bites" commercial. [Central Track]

BISHOP ARTS -- Set to open any day now (Teresa Gubbins suggests it could even be this week), Ten Bells Tavern will host Spawlash Party, a "pooch pool party and dog wash" to benefit the Animal Rescue of Texas this weekend. Dog wash is from 3:00 to 6:00, casting $10 to $15, depending on size of dog. Bands kick off at 5:00 and guests are asked to make a $10.00 donation in exchange for beer and discounted food. [Pegasus News]

[Photo: Ten Bells Tavern/Facebook]

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