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The Day Two Bloggers Ate a Wicked Po'Boy (Updated!)

Once upon a Tuesday the Dallas Diva Doyled the just-hatched Wicked Po'Boys and Seafood in Richardson with CraveDFW. Or so it seems.

It would appear either the Diva was fashionably late (for she is fashionable) or Steven Doyle finished his oysters before she got there. The pair of bloggers sampled some po-boys and took almost-but-not-quite-the-same photo of Wicked owners Joey Le and Lan Chi Le.

To be fair, neither Farah Fleurima nor Doyle mention the other in their blog items -- the Diva only mentions an unspecified "host" [Update:] which Doyle assures us, while the two are friends, was not him -- but with both blogs posting "first look" posts within a day of one another and both featuring shots of the same dishes, it's just too much fun to make a silly connection from the coincidence. So let's continue the compare/contrast.

Mention and/or photographic documentation of roast beef and gravy po-boy? Check. Check. Fried catfish po-boy? Check. Check. Mention of Wicked's specially made bread? Check. Check.

Doyle gets a point for an oyster photo (the Diva couldn't have gotten that one since he -- er, um, her host, rather -- ate them all) and one for mention of the exclusive Patton's hot sausage patties, but Fleurima gets the point for calling out the brandy milk punch. Strong and pretty brunch drinks are always a bonus.

But who wins when two blogs post first look items on the same restaurant so close together? Clearly Wicked Po'Boys. Why? Well, because now three sites are talking about its menu. Even indirect references count, y'all.

The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. Mondays through Saturdays and noon on Sunday.

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[Photo: Steven Doyle/CraveDFW]

Wicked Po'Boys and Seafood

1811 N Greenville Ave. #400 Richardson, TX 75081