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Mark Wootton's Day at the Garden Cafe

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Welcome to The Big To Do, a feature in which Eater Dallas posts the TO DO lists of chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, restaurant designers and others. It's a peek behind the curtain, showing how these busy minds work — from scribbled sticky notes to typed itineraries to doodled wants and dreams.

MarkWootton_ElaineLiner.jpgCoffee and cigarettes fuel many an service industry player's day. Hell, there's even a movie about them. Probably several. But breaks are few and far between, so sometimes one must schedule deep breaths and, yeah, vices into a day.

Garden Cafe's Mark Wootton does. When we asked for his version of a TO DO list, he sent us an email run-down (for ease of reading, we've turned it into a Scribd document) of his average day at the vegetable-loving Junius Heights restaurant.

Between handling vendor orders, covering chefs, tending to the very important garden (it's the name after all) and feeding regulars, Wootton finds the occasional moment for his own sustenance. Strap on his apron for a day ... or at least read what it would be like.

Mark Wootton: To Do

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Mark Wootton. [Photo: Elaine Liner]